Rubén Ramos
SUMMARY Invention and development of new technologies for a better use of natural resources by Investigating the exchange of pressure, temperature and humidity in the ambience. Application of the investigations and new technologies to develop innovative products in the areas of electro domestics such as vacuum cleaners, filters, humidifiers, dehydrators, cleaning equipment, cleaning equipment through vibration and exercise equipment. Also in commercial applications such as refrigerators, capturing of potable water from the ambience, desalinization of sea water. Pioneer on heavy machinery for humidity condensation to make water potable. • 3 international patents in refrigerating systems and utility models of cooler creations, permitting the company to enter the international markets of United States and Europe. KEY NOTE SPEAKER • Anthropology Museum México D.F; Natural resources conservation by filtering systems and smart air management. • México city subway; Refrigeration inside train subsystems. • Universidad Iberoamericana; Creative thinking for new product designs. PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE Participate in a company which goal is to develop technologies and their applications to create better conditions for humanity, in harmony with the ambience (green technologies). SKILLS Inventor; creative; capacity to detect and understand market needs; develop and implement creative ideas, solutions, methods and manufacturing processes; knowledge in national and international patents and makes; ample knowledge and handling of diverse materials and industrial processes. EXPERIENCE Period: 2003 to present Ojeda Refrigeraciones S.A. De C.V. . Design and Development Director. Responsible for innovating and developing equipment for Pepsico International, Nestlé and Unilever anheuser-buscz master bilt etc. Achievements: • Technology development for rotator exhibition equipment, saving a 30% in energy consumption. • Creating new international business opportunity through the new products and innovating concepts. Period: 2007 to present Exacto Design S.A. de C.V. . Partner and Director of Design. Technology development for air filters, humidifiers and commercial products. . Achievements: • A 10 year contract with Interorient S.A de C.V. to make 90,000 air filters. • An international patent for a unique air filtering and humidifying system. • In process of negotiating new developed technologies with different international companies. Period: 1999-2003 DTS S.A de C.V. . Associate and General Director. Elaboration of “POP” commercial equipment and refrigerators. Achievements: • Make the company, the only one which elaborated cold circular coolers for the conservation and exhibition of diverse products. • An international patent of a revolving exhibit with round sectional grill. Period: 1994-1999 Industrias Ferreti S.A de C.V. . Design Director. Development of kitchen, bathrooms and home furniture design. Achievements: • Creation and invention of products permitting the company grow into one of the best Latin American companies in the manufacturing of furniture. Period: 1991-1994 Contraste S.A de C.V. . Design Manager. Stands design, scenery, “POP” furniture. . Achievements: • Obtain the Unilever, Ford and Dupont accounts for exhibition rooms, auto shows and public events. Period: 1989-1991 Art Dimo S.A. de C.V. . Designer. Scenery and stand design for the HP, Gamesa and Cocacola Company accounts. Achievements: • Creation of different events for our clients. EDUCATION 1988-1992 Iberoamerican University Mexico D.F. Industrial Design Courses in national and international industrial processes.